Dr Lim serves the community in Leadership and Counsellor Training and Certification in various social organisations. Through the support of the National Council of Social Services, Dr Lim has certified many community leaders in psychometric assessment by co-sponsoring the cost of expert professional courses leading to the certification of counsellors in the use of psychometric assessments.

RCI under Dr Lim's leadership and in collaboration with partner organisations also certifies diploma and training courses for the community, such as Counsellors and Social Workers through the support of the National Council of Social Service and Teacher Assistants for the Singapore Teachers' Union and the Educare Co-operative in Singapore.

Apart from inaugurating the awards to "Leader Mentors" at the Global Leadership & Mentoring Congress, Dr Lim is also a member of the International Federation of University Women's Award Committee, that gives grants to women scholars who need financial help to complete their studies. Dr Lim is also a member of the National Crime Prevention Council and is Past President of the Singapore Council of Women's Organisations, the national co-ordinating body for women's organisations.

Currently, Dr Lim sponsors her protégé Dr William Tan in the raising of $1.5 million to inaugurate a Professorship in the Research in Children's cancer at the National University of Singapore. She has authored a book entitled "Leading People: Raising A Nation of Leaders" now in its 5th edition, which holds a Foreword by the President of the Republic of Singapore, President S. R Nathan. All proceeds of the book are channelled towards raising funds for research in children's cancer.

Dr Lim has used her professional resource to train in many countries with community and religious groups including bishops, pastors and community and grassroots leaders. She teaches overseas in leadership centres such as the International Leadership Institute, the Haggai Institute, the Asia Pacific Centre of Leadership and the Doctor on Ministry (D. Min) Programme at Asbury Theological Seminary. Dr Lim has also sponsored Corporate Social Responsibility projects such as the introductory programme of the United Nations Global Compact and the training of poor and needy students in Singapore.

Dr Lim is married to Dr Isaac Lim, Past President of the Trinity Annual Conference of the Methodist Church in Singapore and President of the Asia Pacific Centre of Leadership and East Asia President of the International Leadership Institute. They have a daughter, Gloria Lim, who is a lawyer given a scholarship award by the Singapore government for postgraduate studies in Harvard University and a son, Charis Lim, who is a graduate of Cambridge University, given the Wesley College Award for all-round achievement.

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