Research-based Programmes
Specialising in Corporate Culture and Creative Leadership, Dr. Lim has designed and implemented large-scale Research, Training and Quality Performance and Potential Audit and Management programmes and systems for various Corporate, Government Organisations and multi-national corporations. Research projects and services currently cater to over 3 million people. As the Founder of Research Communication International, Dr Lim researches on developing effective corporate communication for peak performance at all levels. Dr Lim has created a growing Singapore-based data bank for contextualising International assessment approaches for greater precision when used in Asia. Dr Lim's insights on corporate culture and creative leadership at all levels are reflected in various articles and books she has authored. Dr Lim has been interviewed for her views by leading magazines & and television and news media.

Dr Shirley Lim has been working with world experts in the areas of Leadership and Organisational Development and Assessment since the 1990s. In the1990s, Dr Lim launched into Asia, several initiatives in Creativity and Thinking including the work of Yale and Harvard Professors, the Global Leadership Mentoring Congress and programmes in "Peak Performance", "Leadership Benchmarking" and Profiling such as, "Adversity Quotient", "The Big Five" or the Five Factor Model and PEAKS PROGRAMMES such as Profiling, Training, "Mentoring", Counselling, Coaching, Consulting and Research.

Dr. Lim and RCI's team of experts have developed a research-based profiling and consulting programme to enhance individual and corporate excellence used internationally. She trains and certifies consultants in the administration, interpretation and analysis of leadership training and occupational benchmarking in Asia Pacific countries.

Profiling, Training & Benchmarking for Corporate Clients
Dr Lim has been consulted by numerous corporate clients that include government as well as private corporations such as financial institutions like MAS, UOB, DBS, multi-national corporations and national corporations such as IBM, Singapore Telecommunications, British Petroleum, Singapore Airlines, Shell International, Petronas, Sunway, Gemplus Technologies, Honeywell, UPS, DDI, OTI, etc and many government ministries including Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Manpower, Ministry of National Development, Civil Service College, Outward Bound Singapore and lecturers and deans of the National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore Management University (SMU), Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Polytechnics, Schools and Colleges.

Certification of Consultants & Corporate Personnel
Dr. Lim has certified more than two hundred consultants and key corporate personnel from local, regional and international corporations in the use of research tools, psychometric profiling, performance assessment and training. Certified personnel use RCI's leadership programmes and psychometric profiling for benchmarking performance and potential audits, for staff development and training, recruitment, deployment, career tracking, career transition, succession planning and strategic planning.

Lecturers and Educators from major universities and colleges in Singapore and Malaysia are trained and certified in the use of RCI's Psychometric Profiling Technology for learner-centred teaching and curriculum development.

Global Leadership & Mentoring Congress
Dr Lim supports best practices world wide in leadership mentoring and one of her initiatives include her partnership with multi-national corporations like British Petroleum in the inauguration of the "Global Leadership & Mentoring Congress" which confers Leader Mentor Awards to outstanding leaders in various sectors, recognised for their effective mentoring of other leaders. The congress is supported and co-organised with various organisations such as the BP Mentoring Foundation, IBM, JobStreet, Association of Small & Medium Enterprise, Singapore Management University and the International Mentoring Association.

Research University on Leadership
A long tradition as an educator has culminated in collaboration with enterprise leader, Dr Diana Young in the incorporation of the Research University on Leadership (RUL) which aims at accredited courses and degrees on Leadership. On the demise of beloved partner Dr Young, Dr Lim continues to work toward the dream of raising a world class University on Leadership that promotes leadership research and education. RUL has gained considerable media interest as a corporate Singapore-based enterprise to focus on and broaden the platform for leadership research and development. RUL aims at martialling together world-class expertise, merging academic rigour and pragmatic excellence to contribute locally and globally in the development of leaders at all levels.

Dr Lim's passion in leadership development stems from a lifelong commitment to quality teaching, people development and innovative curriculum development, having been teacher, university lecturer and corporate researcher, spending more than a decade in each role. Her personal vision is to develop homegrown talent in individuals and organisations to meet world-class standards in human and organisational performance.

Academic Qualifications
Formerly a Senior Lecturer at the National Institute of Education of the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, Dr Lim holds a BA (Hons), MA and a PhD in Applied Linguistics from the National University of Singapore as well as Professional Diplomas in Education and Psychology (First Class Distinction) from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. In 1988, she was given a grant as Visiting Scholar to Harvard University.

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